New issue of EMCO

A new issue of EMCO, featuring three articles and three reviews, is now online.

EMCO (Early Modern Culture Online) has gone through many changes lately. In fact, its history is becoming increasingly complex, so I will take this opportunity to untangle some knots.

The current issue is number 4, which in our version of numerical order comes after 5 and 6. The main reason this happened is that two Calls for Papers went out in quick succession, one for a regular issue and one for a special issue on early modern visual-verbal rhetoric. The latter came together fairly quickly and another special issue appeared in quick succession (by the standards of academic publishing). Issue 4, meanwhile, languished in limbo while the journal was moved from servers at the University of Agder to the University of Bergen and a number of other changes took place behind the scenes. We are very happy to have launched the first issue on the new servers and finally to have completed issue number 4.

That being said, we have not in fact completed issue number 4 yet. We need to clarify the terminology. Hitherto, the terms issue and volume have been used interchangeably. Each volume has contained one issue, and there has never been more than one volume/issue per calendar year. From now on, every calendar year is equal to one volume, and each volume may – and should – contain several issues. This means that volume 4 (2018) is still ongoing and that more issues will be published before the end of the year. It also means that we are always on the lookout for more articles and more book reviews. We do not need to have accumulated a certain number of articles and reviews before moving ahead with the production of an issue, and this means we can publish at a quicker rate.

We are also on the lookout for peer reviewers. If you think you could contribute (as author, reader, reviewer), please visit the EMCO pages and register with your name, email address and affiliation. You may also contact the editor via email, if you have questions or need help with the registration process.

Finally, I should say something about the looks of the EMCO site. It is based on version 2 of something called Open Journal Systems, a version which by now is outmoded. It does not support so-called responsive web design, which means that it looks odd on very small or very large screens. If all goes to plan, OJS will be updated to version 3 over the summer, affording us the chance to polish up the appearance of the site, making for a prettier surface and a friendlier user experience. Until then, you might want to use the zoom function in your web browser (usually CTRL and the plus/minus keys) when reading the articles.

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