Site update

BVSN Site Launch

Even though this website has been public for many weeks, it has remained something of a secret, but – although it is still a work in progress – I think the time has come for it to officially “open”.

What, then, is the BVSN, and what is the purpose of this web site?

Well, at least one of the purposes of the site is to address the first question. Exploring these pages you will find a description of the Bergen-Volda Shakespeare Network, an account of its history and a listing of some of the central themes addressed in our conferences and publications by network members. Moreover, you will find a list of said members (more about which in a moment) and an archive that contains information about our previous conferences and other network activities. The archive is still under development; I might call on members with better mnemonic faculties than my own to help me fill in some of the missing information. I think it is important that records exist, even if they will be mere outlines in some cases.

The members list is a work in progress and will likely remain so as long as this network exists. It is in the nature of such an enterprise that the personnel will change and evolve – that some people will appear as members even though they haven’t been involved in our meetings for a long time, while others who are more active have yet to be added. There are also people with whom I have been in touch but who have yet to make an appearance at one of our meetings. The exact point at which one is included as a member is bound to be uncertain. Even the word “member” itself is somewhat moot when we are talking about a network and not – say – a research group.

At the moment, many names of past and present conference participants are still missing. I have included only a small sampling of BVSN-related information about each person, because I know from experience that updating tens of biographies is too time consuming. Instead, I have tried to add links to personal web pages from which more detailed information can be obtained.

Please take a moment to look at the members list and do get in touch if there is anything amiss. In some cases, information will be missing because I haven’t gotten round to adding it yet, but if in doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or, hesitate a little bit (you are in doubt after all), and then get in touch.

I am also working on expanding the mailing list for the BVSN, which should reflect the members list on this page as far as that is possible.

Finally, there is this blog that you are reading now, whose purposes are legion.

First, its main purpose is to publish information about forthcoming network activities, especially conferences. (Watch this space for more information about the next meeting.)

Second, this is also where reports and summaries of our conferences and other activities will appear, beginning with an account of the meeting in Cambridge last year (coming soon).

Third, I would like to use the blog to direct attention towards publications, conferences, projects and seminars produced or overseen by network members. If you are about to publish or arrange something, or if you know about something else going on that you think will be of interest to the BVSN, drop me a line or send me a “press release,” and I will publish it here.

Fourth, this blog can also be an outlet for commentary, information and scholarship in and of itself. If you have a text that you would like to make public, or which already appears on a different blog, it can be shared here, as long as it is deemed relevant for the BVSN readership. If you want to get access to publish directly on this blog, please get in touch to receive a username and a password.

You can subscribe to receive updates from this blog, which is recommended. I don’t think the updates will be so frequent that they’ll become a nuisance.

That’s it for this update. Please spread the word about the website to members ancient and prospective and keep an eye out for posts about the previous conference as well as the next one.